It has become abundantly clear that, with the right tools and a whole lot of drive, young people can and will change the world around them. The Shawn Mendes Foundation seeks to inspire Shawn’s audience, the youth generation of today, to act on the power they have to bring change to the world and issues they care about.

Brand Identity 
Visual Design

To define the authentic spirit of the foundation, the logo took inspiration from Shawn’s third studio album cover. In this flower motif was born an identity that spoke to ideas of growth, unity and empowerment.


⁂ Next Axis—JOURNIE Rewards 
Stopping for gas is pretty dull, but we feel a whole lot better once it’s done. To challenge the assumption that all fuel rewards programs are the same—JOURNIE was redesigned to turn a necessary evil into a rewarding moment of potential to drive away with more.
Brand Identity 
Visual Design

Next Axis—Illustrative Activism
A series of impressionist styled illustrations aiming to achieve positive change through effective and subversive imagery. All topics reflective of our global arena. Currently on illustrative hiatus. 😎️

🪵 Jenga Bomb (digital, 2017) 🪵 Jenga Bomb (digital, 2017) 🪵 Jenga Bomb (digital, 2017) 

👀 Maybe, maybe not (digital, 2017) 👀 Maybe, maybe not (digital, 2017) 👀  Maybe, maybe not (digital, 2017)

🏠 Always On (digital, 2017) 🏠 Always On (digital, 2017) 🏠 Always On (digital, 2017)

✋🏾 Words kill (Digital, 2017) ✋🏾 Words kill (Digital, 2017) ✋🏾 Words kill (Digital, 2017)

Next Axis—Logofolio
59th Street Food Co. is a private label brand that adds a new layer of quality in the convenience store & food sector. Evolving the design language allowed for bolder and more consistent expressions across Parkland’s forecourt ecosystem (On The Run, JOURNIE Rewars and CARGŌ).


Brand Identity 

The refreshed logo and system was designed with connectivity in mind. Geometric letterforms and round interconnecting circles connect customers to local alternatives.

Next Axis—Shawn Mendes Foundation